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About us

As part of Rosario Group, a family business focused on the tourism sector in Bolivia, we created the Tambo Colonial restaurants, with the intention to share the authentic Bolivian cuisine and complement the wonderful experience of our travelers by entering our local culture.

Tambo Colonial

Located within the Hotel Rosario La Paz and Hotel Rosario Copacabana. We will also be in Hotel Rosario Uyuni and Hotel Rosario La Paz Sur (room service).

Our Story

For more than 30 years we have provided a warm and welcoming space for diners to end their day enjoying a pleasant evening. At the same time we have strived to offer a high quality service so that locals and foreigners feel at home.

Food & Drinks

In Tambo Colonial we seek to adapt to the ingredients of the different regions where our restaurants are located (La Paz, Copacabana and soon Uyuni) so that our customers can complement their tourist experience with the gastronomic one.

Our menu is known for serving a fusion of international cuisine and traditional Bolivian dishes that include ingredients such as llama, trout, quinoa, potatoes and several typical condiments of the Altiplano region.

We are also proud to offer the best varieties and vintages of Bolivian wines. Being located at 1700 MASL and with an extreme exposure to the sun, accelerates the aging process of the grape and these are filled with antioxidants, resulting in sweeter, healthier, richer and aromatic grapes.

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Quinoa mix with cheese, tomatoes, dehydrated fruit and onions with a touch of aromatic herbs.
Bs. 41.00

Organic Salad

Lettuce mix accompanied by dehydrated fruit, caramelized pecans, confit and cherry tomatoes, covered by a citrics vinaigrette.
Bs. 41.00

Lake Tartar

Trout squares from the lake marinated with lemon drops, olive oil, chinche pepper, cilantro leaves, served on a tomato broth with avocado squares and parsley clorophyll.
Bs. 47.00

Llama Carpaccio

Llama tenderloin films with a tasty Roquefort sauce, caramelized pecans, parmesan cheese, capers, lemon drops, olive oil and basil leaves accompanied by bread of the day toasts.
Bs. 45.00

Grilled Llama

Grilled Llama tenderloin medallions flavored with garlic and rosemary, served on a pepper essence, accompanied by andean tubercles and sautéed vegetables
Bs. 89.00

Tenderloin in Roquefort sauce

Grilled tenderloin medallions, covered in Roquefort sauce, accompanied by buttered gnocchi.
Bs. 98.00

Stewed Llama

Slow cooked Llama leg, accompanied by confit squash, covered in a sauce of its own reduction and crowned with sautéed mushrooms.
Bs. 81.00

Mediterranean Trout

Grilled Trout from the Lake, salt and pepper, accompanied by a mirasol quinotto and crowned with Mediterranean sauce.
Bs. 89.00

Sacred Lake Trout

Grilled Trout fillet, accompanied by a creamy potato puree, vegetables, sautéed mushrooms with a caper sauce and white raisins. Olive crumble
Bs. 86.00

Baked Trout

Baked trout fillet, bathed in an andean chimichurri sauce, accompanied by a soft potato puree and grilled vegetables
Bs. 83.00

Rolled chicken

Chicken breast rolled with bacon, dambo cheese, confit tomato. Bathed in a sauce of wine of the heights and sided with a rustic potato puree and grilled vegetables.
Bs. 79.00

Chicken Sajta

Carefully cooked Chicken leg, with yellow pepper, au gratin tunta (freeze-dried potato), steamed potatoes and sarza (tomato and onion salad)
Bs. 69.00

Hot truffles

Made with Bolivian chocolate, flambée with Singani from Tarija and house ice cream.
Bs. 33.00

Passion fruit Brownie

Chocolate bar with a creamy passion fruit sabayon.
Bs. 25.00


Cold spoon dessert with house cookies and organic coffee.
Bs. 24.00

Passion fruit cheesecake

Delicious cheese mix flavored with vanilla over a crunchy cookie bed.
Bs. 24.00



Monday - Saturday
Service 14:00 pm


Monday - Sunday
Breakfast 06:00 - 09:30 / Dinner 18:30 - 21:30


Saturday - Sunday
Service 16:00 pm

Av. Illampu No.704, Zona El Rosario, La Paz – Bolivia
+591 2 2776286
+591 2 2451658
+591 76254988
Avenida Costanera Esq Rigoberto Paredes
Copacabana, Bolivia
+591 2 28622141
+591 76254988

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